This is an awesome free event for your kids!

For ages 6-12. Sports and Crafts Camp!

•  Mon., Jul. 23-27 – 9a-noon
•  Jefferson Park. 2201 Clay St, Denver, CO 80211
•  1st-6th grade. 4 year old and Pre-Kindergarten kids will meet in classrooms at Riverside Church
•  Crafts, Soccer, T-ball and Basketball
•  And much, much more...
This FREE Sports and Crafts Camp hosted by Riverside is designed to give your kids the opportunity to develop their skills in soccer, baseball basketball and arts and crafts. Register your kids today - just fill out the form below:

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Volunteer for Kids Sports and Crafts Camp

We would love to serve with you! Just click on the volunteer button and you will be directed to a page where you can start the registration process as a volunteer for the Camp.

Kids Sports and Crafts Camp Location

Our Sports and Crafts Camp is held at Jefferson Park in Denver at 2201 Clay St, Denver, CO 80211. Let us know if you have any problems finding it! (303) 433.8665.